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Home Lifts, Elevators

Home elevators are suitable only for single home/residence applications. The lift must not open into "shared or common" property. Please note that any of LIFTsales other Residential or Commercial lifts can be installed in single homes if additional features are required.

Maison Basic

Maison Basic home elevator

The Maison Basic is a high quality European multifunctional product. For the price of a normal home lift, all the luxury stainless steel interiors and glass doors are included as standard.

  • European design and manufacture
  • Stainless steel interior as standard
  • Glass doors
  • Lift tower available, made in Melbourne


Maison home lift

The Maison lift is the next generation of Home Lift with a variety of options and European finishes, including glass to customise to suit your needs, including safety enhancements with a full car door, no more wall sliding past!

It is twice as fast as conventional home lifts at 0.5 M/sec and is suitable for roof top decks with its low headroom requirements and optional self supporting tower.

  • European design and manufactured
  • Fast, smooth and quiet
  • German electronics
  • Swiss hydraulics
  • Full cabin doors
  • Full sliding door option
  • Low headroom and pit
  • Next generation hydraulics


Flexilift lift for residential homes

A low rise commercial building designers dream. The Flexilift's headroom requirements of only 2600mm and pit of 350mm is European design at its best! This product can come with swing lift doors for cost effective disabled access or full commercial sliding doors.

The Flexilift always has a full car door for passenger safety and high aesthetics. Fully customized lift cars and doors are available from Kleemann, the European customizing specialists.

  • European design and manufacture
  • German electronics
  • Swiss hydraulics
  • Low headroom option
  • Steel shafts made in Melbourne


The Atlas home lift

The Atlas was built as its name suggests! A heavy duty lift with the latest German manufactured gearless drive system.

The Atlas is designed for heavy usage applications or for those who simply want the best! The gearless, 1.0M/second+, traction drive system delivers a silky smooth, almost silent ride.

The Atlas can be fully customized with the wide range of Kleemann finishes, Europe's largest customized lift car manufacturer.

  • German manufactured
  • Gearless drive system
  • 1.0m per second
  • Near silent ride

Aritco Lifts

Aritco Glass Shaft Screw Lift

A well engineered lift from one of Sweden's leading lift manufacturers. Aritco has perfected the screw lift! The smooth and quiet ride compliments the Aritco simplicity and clean lines. This is the ideal lift for retro fitting to existing buildings and is most cost effective for three or four levels in either a home lift or residential lift application. The Limited Mobility version is suitable for two level commercial applications.

  • A retro fitting dream.
  • 50mm pit depth or can sit on an existing floor.
  • Headroom required only 2300mm.
  • Half height top landings in glass for that minimalist look.
  • Full self supporting towers as standard, no cladding required.
  • Cost effective self supporting towers.